A funny thing

A funny thing happened today. James, CEO of MobilePlay’s mobile portal, emailed me and said that the web site I suggested to add to his portal (OSNews), doesn’t autodetect Opera Mini as I claimed. And that’s where the funny thing is: OSNews does detect Opera Mini and serves its mobile pages.

The problem was in James’ perception and expectations towards a mobile site. He didn’t expect a mobile web site that actually has a design. Instead, he expected something like this: a white background with a bunch of links, like 99% of the mobile sites out there. When he came across of OSNews’ mobile pages that were more involved, he probably thought that he had hit the… full desktop web site!

Not to toot my own horn, but you know, OSNews’ cHTML mobile support is way superior than anything else out there today (except of course of some carrier portals that target only specific devices and browser versions and they are modeled specifically for those). It offers 90% of the desktop site’s features, which is a feat that almost no one else can claim for their mobile site.

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