Motorola’s Linux phones: Again!

I have written about this problem a thousand times, but once more won’t hurt (me).

Just a few minutes ago I received an email from a person who works in healthcare. She obviously found my connection to Motorola’s A780 phones via googling. So, she was in a panic mode:

I wanted a simple PDA so I can download programs I can use as a reference at work (such as database of medications- Epocrates, Drips and various ER programs) I ended up buying a Motorola A780 because I fell in love with the design, a phone pad outside with a PDA inside….now I have this problem….I have received files from co-workers, all of them with .prc at the end but it won’t run on my device…it keeps saying “cannot find an application to open the file”

Yes, it is illogical to try and run PalmOS applications on a non-PalmOS device. But it is not illogical at all to buy a device, marketed as a business smartphone PDA with a touchscreen, solely because you believe that it will have similar features to other PDAs in the market, that let you install native applications on them.

Motorola, admit it, you have screwed up with your EZX-based phones: no SDK means no apps, and no apps mean unhappy customers. Even if this specific person would still not able to run her PalmOS apps, the point remains that thousands of others who bought your EZX phones expected a flourishing third party application base. And they found nothing. Motorola, you give a bad name to Linux.

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Tom Dison wrote on August 3rd, 2006 at 7:20 AM PST:

Another case of UACWAP

Up a creek without a paddle!

I totally agree. The difference between an “organizer” and a true PDA is the ability to add third-party applications. I had an old black-and-white cell phone that had organizer features years ago – it had a datebook/calendar with alarms, notepad, calculator and address book. However, it DEFINIITELY was not a PDA. but it wasn’t marketed as one. To sell a “smart” device with no ability to add software is “dumb”

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