Researching dreams

We had a siesta with JBQ this Sunday afternoon. He needed it much more than I did, but staying late fighting with WiFi on Linux made it a necessity for me too. At some point, I started dreaming. But as it happens to me a few times per year, I realized that I was in a dream. And from the point this happens, I immediately become more reasoned and I withhold from getting all too crazy and “free” in it. I thought that I should play out the system and research it. Here are my findings:
– In my dream I got my G4 powerbook and starting reading stuff online. It seems that each column of text would only stay the same for 2-3 seconds. If I try to revisit the same column the text would be slightly different.
– I check my Gmail. My subconsious took a cheapshot at porn spam and showed me that I had a single email titled “strot tits”. I thought, ok, let’s check hotmail now. And I also had a single new mail there, porn spam too, called… “strat tits”. Obviosly, my subconsious doesn’t even try to be more creative regarding emails…
– Trying to go back to the Gmail page, I was *physically* kept from doing so from something that was invisible. I just couldn’t move my fingers on the touchpad anymore when trying to go back to the gmal page. I quickly realize that my subconcious doesn’t want me to see its screw up (obviously the email title on gmail might be something different by now and it doesn’t want me to see it). It seems that the subconcious does not want us to realize that we are in a dream. It works hard to keep us from realizing that and it will even put force to keep us play along.

That’s all I can remember from that dream. There was one more thing that I clearly remember saying to myself “I should try to remember this when I wake up”, but I don’t remember it… Overall, it’s quite funny how all this works and how dreams keep us sane (according to a new study).

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