Trying to sell a Linux laptop

Remember the other day when I blogged about my classified ad at Craigslist trying to sell our Vaio laptop? Well, I sold it yesterday for $180. The buyer didn’t like the fact that it didn’t run Windows and so I threw in also my first Linux handbook in the deal too. He loved the fact that the laptop is so small and lite, and so he went for it. This morning he emailed me asking me for instructions on how to get WiFi to work. I sent him super-detailed step-by-step instructions. Honestly, I don’t think he will be able to make it work though. I might have to tell him to bring both his wifi router and the laptop at my home so I can configure it for him. :(

Update: I just called him and after 24 hours of owning this laptop, the buyer has already put an order to get Sony’s PCMCIA CD-ROM (which is the only kind of optical drive that this laptop can boot from), in order to install Windows.

In other news, we were at the SF city yesterday, 4th of July, we had a picnic in the park. I snapped three pictures too. We didn’t go to the fireworks as I was feeling extremely tired last night and JBQ was working remotely again…

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