Archive for June 25th, 2006

SVGA resolutions down to 12%

OneSTAT released their PR regarding monitor resolutions, just as they do every year. The SVGA resolution, 800×600, is now down to 12% among internet users. Some will say that this resolution is not significant anymore, but in my opinion, 12% is still 12%. And the fact is, that larger resolution web sites means more trouble for mobile browsers. And given that most sites don’t have autodetection or a mobile web site, this makes browsing even more difficult for mobile users (”breaking” many nested tables it’s very difficult job for a mobile browser).

More over, KDE/Gnome developers and third party devs are not careful anymore for most of their apps to fit on SVGA (when calculating the height of two 24-pixel taskbars and the window manager height). The “About me” and the “Gnome keyring” preference panels for example, don’t fit.