Microsoft’s stab at iPod/iTunes

Microsoft is developing a music and video device to compete with Apple’s iPod and creating its own music service to rival Apple’s iTunes, sources familiar with the plans said on Friday. Robbie Bach, a rising star at Microsoft who headed development of the Xbox video game business, is overseeing the project, one source said.”

You can let EU shout as much as it wants, but if I was Microsoft, I would place that software in Vista by default. This would be the only way to succeed in a market where iPod+iTunes is already a monopoly. If Microsoft doesn’t include that software in Vista, or in a future Service Pack, then this initiative is doomed to failure.

And don’t give me that shit that “but Windows is a monopoly and Microsoft should not use their power to promote their products”, because in this case, it’s Apple that’s the monopoly. They have 90% of that market and the only way to either kill them (eventually, not immediately — that’s just business) or simply take back some market share and try balance the market, is only if Microsoft includes such software on their OS by default.

And if the EU has a problem with that, tell them to first ask Apple remove iTunes from OSX and then come and make their stupid and business-unfriendly demands from Microsoft.

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