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Couple ordered hit on grandkids

From CNN: An old couple tried to hire a hit man (for… $100) to kill their three grandchildren and daughter-in-law to stop them from testifying against their son in his rape trial (allegedly raped his own children).

Now, this piece of news tells me two things:
1. The grand parents are freaking idiots, not just bad people.
2. The son is guilty. Not because we might have or have not any evidence for his rape case, but simply, by comparing him to his parents. With such parents, there is no way there is a chance that this guy is innocent. Not that there aren’t children that got evolved better than their parents, but that’s not the norm usually.

I hope that justice will be served. And fast.

Matthew McConaughey “sexiest man alive”?

I can’t stand this guy (how on earth was he voted ‘sexiest man alive‘?). Not only because of the way he looks, but mostly from the way he sounds. His Texan accent is so strong and redneck-ish that each time I have to endure him on movies or TV my hair goes vertical. He was on Jay Leno a few months ago, and he was proudly describing his obsessive compulsive behavior to brush his teeth about 20 times a day. Man, how I would love to kick him in the nuts. I don’t like his ex-girlfiend’s english accent either (Penelope Cruz — yes, the one who looks like a chicken), but she’s nowhere as bad compared to him.

Ok, back on testing the Nokia E61 now…

Nokia E61 is here

The Nokia E61 just arrived this morning, await a review for it next week at OSNews. It runs the latest Symbian 9.1 S60 3rd Edition software and (so far) it’s easily one of the best phones I have ever used. Only the lack of a video call camera and the location of IrDA bugs me a little.