Regarding Hobbies (updated)

I have no hobbies. Except (re-)loading webpages on my browser and rarely getting involved with mobile web design, I do nothing else. Even music-listening or book-reading gets boring to me real fast. Only my OSNews/journalist hobby lasted 4 years and then it became so annoying that I dropped out. Why all this, you ask… Well, I just don’t find any joy doing stuff. Things that others consider as hobbies, I consider them fags (in greek: a??a?e?a). It surely sounds depressing and it certainly is. But I can’t help it.

On the exact opposite of me, is my beloved JBQ. He can’t just sit tight and be a couch potato. He always have to do something. In the beginning, it was Lego, then it was painting, then, it became photography, then it became golf, then it became cloth stitching, and today, he is creating… paper. Yup, he is recycling paper at home and he creates all by himself new paper. Once, he almost got into electronic circuit design. Many thousands of dollars have been spent so far for all his hobbies in the past 3 years. Not that I complain about it, mind you. I am happy for him, although he seems to be switching hobbies a bit too often for my personal and financial taste.

What I don’t understand though, is his enthusiasm about things. How one can get happiness and satisfaction via working with such stuff. I find most hobbies that people have… useless. The only reason I have this on-off mobile web site design hobby, is only because most people can’t do it. If everyone got the knowledge, scripts and devices to test and truly create compatible mobile sites the way I can, I would stop doing it altogether. I just don’t find joy on something that can be easily done by everyone else.

Of course, it’s not JBQ or the people who have hobbies that are on the wrong side of this argument. I AM. It’s just that I can’t do anything about feeling any different about it… The situation became much worse after I moved to USA 5 years ago and was ‘confined’ to our home, as I don’t have the right to work (yet) in this country and don’t have a California driver’s license (my Greek driver’s license is not recognized here).

Ok, back to my boredome and self-destructing laziness now. And God, do I need to take care of that laundry… :(

Update: We discussed with my JBQ the reasons on why do I have this mindset. Here are the best candidates:

1. My H4 visa status that doesn’t let me work yet. 5 years living in a home not doing much eventually brings you to your knees psychologically. It’s terrible. I have heard many stories of couples returning to Europe because the wives couldn’t stand it anymore (wives who had no right to work as their H1B visa status holders husbands could).

2. My parents. They never influenced me positively towards hobbies. Each time I had a hobby as a teenager (e.g. sprinting, javelin, sketching or… Madonna picture collection), they always beat it down on me: “these are useless stuff, why are you wasting time doing them? Go read a book for school instead so you get better grades“. For them, if something doesn’t have an immediate value, then it’s useless. Even if I rebelled against them many times and even eventually left the country, it seems that their own miserable mindset has a place in me and I can’t shake it off, even if I know it’s the wrong mindset.

3. Plain and simple, my laziness.

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