FreeBSD vows to compete with desktop Linux

Aren’t they too late? This work should have started 2 years ago, when the HAL and DBus work was blooming. Right now, they simply try to catch up after a long time of doing nothing substantial for their desktop experience. I am afraid that Linux has passed this point where HAL/DBus were new, now Linux has Avahi, NetworkManager, a better ALSA, inotify, bluetooth front-ends, a mulitmedia framework (v4l2), webcam support etc. FreeBSD has a long way to achieve parity with Linux, let alone surpass it. They’re simply, late.

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Tom Dison wrote on May 12th, 2006 at 8:31 AM PST:

Well, as a profesional software developer, I would say one of my chief skills is code reuse – other people’s! [Legally, I might add] I’m sure the BSD folks are getting good at “code reuse” from other OS’s. However, I agree that they have a long way to go to catch up. I love OpenBSD, but as a desktop, it seems so slow to me, and it frequently freezes up for no apparent reason. Many apps cannot be ported easily (OpenOffice) due to its defficiencies in threading (or so I have heard). I think of Windows – they have traded security for usability. Currently, most people would rather have usability.

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