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Some Greeks need to get a clue *UPDATED*

Makes me feel ashamed when I read that in Greece there are people (elected politicians no less, currently on power) who don’t want to see a Greek citizen putting forward her candidancy towards becoming a governor in 3 prefectures of nothern Greece, just because she is a muslim (about 2% of the Greek population are Muslim Turks who decided to stay in Greece in 1922 when the exchange of population between the two countries took place).

The point of the matter is: she is a Greek citizen, born and raised in Greece. No matter if she is a Muslim, or an Eskimo or a Grey alien, it doesn’t matter from the moment she has a Greek passport. She has equal rights and she is an equal person. I really don’t understand some people in Greece. They really need to get a clue about the shit they were told by their parents and/or school about how Turkey is the one big enemy and how muslims stink because they aren’t… baptized. Sure, Turkey could have been friendlier during the past 100 years (see: Cyprus incident), but so could have been Greece towards them (see: European Union).

And the Orthodox Church there should shut the f*ck up (”Inside of me, I can’t accept this…“, one of the main Orthodox church figures said yesterday) because they are the main reason behind how Greeks feel about muslims. Sure, if it wasn’t for the church there would not have been Greeks today (they kept the nation and religion alive when Greeks were slaves under the Ottoman Turks for 400 years), but from the moment Greece gained its freedom they should have worked towards easing the wounds and sour memories instead of working on keeping the two nations apart for another 200 years and make them hate each other. This goes for both religious groups of course, Turks are not any better in spreading hatred against the Greeks.

But at some point, someone needs to get a step back and try to build a trusty relationship that will bring stabilization in the Balkans. It’s been almost 200 years since the Greek decleration of independance from the Turks, and it’s time to fix these wounds. It can’t go on forever. Peace, tolerance and open borders are the only options towards a civilization with positive future prospects. You see, being patriotic is one thing but being a racist and a blind chauvinist is another.

UPDATE: I decided to actually email the office of the elected polititian who started it all. Here’s my email in its entirety:


Mr Kalantzis should RESIGN by the end of the week. He is obviously a racist and a blind chauvinist. The country doesn’t need people like him.

I live in USA for a few years now and when I read news from home I need to see people who don’t AFRAID of the minorities, I need to see people who are truly democratic and follow the law. Mr Kalantzis obviously is fearful of the muslims in the northern Greece and he doesn’t want to see any of them ever get on any form of power.

Please note that my family is consistently voting for Nea Demokratia since forever and that I am an Orthodox Christian. But in this specific case, I stand by Mr Papandreou/PASOK and the Muslim minority. UNLESS you have PROOF that Ms Karahasan is a danger to national security, then you should SHUT UP and FOLLOW THE LAW. That’s why you were elected in the first place.

Please forward this message to Mr Kalatzi.

thank you,