Dreaming of the Afterlife

I had one of these weird dreams last night that I usually have every few months. Apparently, I died in my dream (due to a huge… tsunami) and I was floating around for a few days from place to place (only an old, blind, woman could ’see’ me among the living — I was even careful to not scare her). At a cemetary there was a bully ghost (more like a bad spirit) who was trying to make the dead in that cemetary get even more scared than they already were — considering their situation. At some point I had enough of him and I confronted him WWE-style (you gotta love my subconscious self)!

After that, I found myself in an… office with some clerks working in it. I was soon enough approached by a male clerk who told me that I have to choose between going back to Earth and start living another life, or go to what we humans call Hell (and they did give me a quick taste of it with some clerks temporarily changing shape into ugly creatures — a good time to call Christ’s name in your sleep to help you get you out of the shit-tub, it always worked for me in the event of a nightmare). Apparently, there is either no Heaven, or I was not ready to be offered it as an option.

So, I asked a middle-aged woman who seemed to be like a supervisor there to give me some information about my new life on Earth, because I was obviously not going to pick Hell. Another clerk said that he had to go and see which life I am supposed to get and so he went away in another room to do just that. I found the time to ask these clerks if they were also dead humans like I was, but one of them said “no, but you can consider us ‘cousins’ “.

Soon enough, the other guy came back with a ‘glimpse’ of the life I was suppose to live (”I am sorry, you only have one life-choice this time I am afraid”, he said while he was coming back). The ‘glimpse’ was a picture (kodak-style, no less). It pictured myself, in my home in Greece as a teenager. But the furniture layout was a bit different. And so I asked “so, I am going to relive the same life?”. He replied “no”. After looking at the picture again I asked: “so, it’s going to be the same, but not exactly the same?”, and this time he replied “yes”.

I went back to the middle-aged clerk woman and I asked her to give me more information about this new life. She was not allowed to say much, but she said “this life is going to be much worse than your previous one”. Another clerk said “this new Eugenia is not like you, she can’t… she just can’t….” and she stopped saying anything more. The middle-aged woman then gave me a bit more (sad) information that I prefer to not air through this blog. Of course, I wasn’t happy about all this, but I knew that I could not negotiate it because they didn’t have the power to make it easier for me anyway. These clerk entities were just “working there”. The middle-aged woman finally said to me “You have a choice between Hell and this, and I must tell you, many other people have chosen to re-live much, much worse lives than the one you are going to get. I highly recommend you pick this life”.

I can’t remember anything else, as I think I woke up after this. Obviously, much of this “office”, “clerks” and “kodak pictures” are “simple, human-understandable representations” of what would things actually look like if something like this was real. Thing is, I don’t believe in the afterlife. And I don’t really believe in “past lives” either. I am not even truly religious. When we die, we simply die. We cease to function, and that’s it. We are just a bunch of complex chemical reactions that eventually go bad.

However, this dream did got me thinking that I may need to start living my life to its fullest and get the most out of it. 10 minutes later though I was back in my desk, in front of my monitor, lazily browsing the net and doing nothing differently than I do everyday. If God or angels or whoever want to shake me away of my (granded, self-exterminating) lifestyle they must try harder than using the… ancient dream method. I need more solid evidence than that. We have telephones these days! I have an iSight too! Let’s put it into some good use! ;-)

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Tom Dison wrote on April 18th, 2006 at 5:34 AM PST:

A few thoughts, hope you won’t mind if I truth tell, popular or not:

1. I was an atheist/agnostic until my early 20’s. There is one prayer an atheist can pray (and I did) – “To whom it may concern, if any of this heaven, hell, Jesus, etc stuff is real, could you reveal it to me, show me?”

2. Many people feel God is on trial, and that he must “prove” himself to them. I think the truth is the opposite. God is not on trial, we are.

3. Even if you feel God must “prove” himself to you, I am not sure there is much more he can do. He gave his son. I have 3 sons, and it would absolutely tear me up to see one of them suffer or die. Assuming the Jesus story is true (I realize it’s a large assumption!), there is nothing more for him to do. He did enough.

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Eugenia wrote on April 18th, 2006 at 7:27 AM PST:

I am sorry, but I can’t function on faith alone. I do give faith itself a big respect in terms of the effects and power it can have (and I wish my faith on to *something* (anything) could be stronger), but it’s not. I have trust issues. And therefore, I need proof about everything.

As for the “we are on trial”, I am not sure that’s justifiable. I feel guilty when I do something bad, I feel good when I do something good, but overall, I have never harmed anyone. I have done my own share of “small” sins (really, nothing major, I feel bad even when I kill a mosquito as I am a very sensitive person), but I don’t think I am on any kind of trial. I have no such proof to justify this claim. I just live my own time share on this planet, and when the time comes, I will be dead. And then, zero, nada, blackness.

However, I do believe in the existance of the “etherial” entities (angels, demons etc). But I don’t give them any supernatural quality or link them with religion (apart from the fact that they seem to be afraid of humans’ power of faith — any strong faith, not just Christianity). I just believe that they are a different kind of a lifeform that we can’t always perceive around us. Nature has not being completely studied.

Having said all that, I am not an atheist. I am more of an agnostic. And I like most of Christianity’s teachings. In fact, I try to be a good “Christian” when it comes to my behavior towards my fellow man. And I think that Jesus was cool, being the Son of God or not. However, I have an inherit dislike for the “churches” and the politicalities around them. And I can’t stand the “service mysteries” and “dogmatism”. Everything has an explanation, and if a Church can’t give me one, then the Church either is not scientific enough, or they are liers.

I like to see and practice Christianity as a SOCIAL and PERSONAL REFORMATION, and not as a religion. I can’t stand any religion as a “religion” (with the traditional sense of the word).

Tom Dison wrote on April 18th, 2006 at 8:15 AM PST:

I have trust issues. And therefore, I need proof about everything.

That is exactly the crux of what faith is. Many people think faith is about believing some strange thing without proof. For instance, some wierdo comes up to us and says “I am an owl”. If we have faith we will believe him. I don’t think so! Faith IS more about trust. I like the illustration of being on the rooftop of a building that is on fire. Faith is trusting the fireman and jumping into their arms, trusting that they will get us down safely. It is not irrational.

I can’t stand any religion as a “religion”
I hated religion growing up, and I still think it is one of the stinkiest things on earth, Religious people crucified Jesus.

Religion – man’s attempt to make himself good enough for God.

Christianity – God reaches down to mankind, instead. I think of a child trying to cross a busy street. The child holds her arms up and says “Daddy, help me cross the street”. It’s not rocket science. We all have to cross a great chasm some day. I say grab the hand.

tOnGAs wrote on April 18th, 2006 at 8:38 AM PST:

Hell is just like working at the office…

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