Box Office gains low, I hear?

For the past 1-2 years the major studios are bitching that the Box Office financial gains are very low, because people don’t go to the cinemas as much as they used to, they claim. They also claim that piracy has taken a toll on their business.

Honestly, that’s all bull. How do you expect me to go to the theater when their Top 10 movies this week (10 March 2006 results) has only a single “ok” movie among them?? Except the family movie “Eight Below”, the rest nine movies are CRAP (and that includes “Ultraviolet” for which I had better expectations from its director — readers of this blog have already read about my “Ultraviolet” expectations for months now).

If you sum up all the IMDb rating numbers of the top-10 movies currently on the Box Office, you will get the LOWEST overall rating number, EVER. While IMDb is not the most accurate way to evaluate a movie, its reader ratings are pretty damn close. The bulk of the current Top10 movies are not even worth the time and bandwidth to… pirate on. Let alone getting all dressed up, getting to the car, spending gas to drive 8+8km away in San Mateo, fighting for a parking spot, waiting in a long line for a ticket and finally sacrificing a goat to find a good seat.

If the studios want us, consumers, to visit theaters more, then they should stop releasing absolute crap.

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