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Modern art, my ass

UPDATE: Apparently Thom didn’t like this blog post. But it remains MY blog post, and therefore, MY opinion, which I stand by it.

We went to the “Palace of the Legion of Honor” museum in San Francisco today. We saw some really nice paintings and sculptures. However, one particular piece really put me off. It was Picasso’s “The Orator” PIECE OF JUNK. There is no way in hell I would place that junk in my home, even if I was given it for free. Picasso is overrated. End of story. That piece of shit was next to Manet, Pissaro and Dali, all, way better artists than Picasso IMNSHO. Even some unknown artists featured in the museum were way better than Picasso. “Modern art”, my ass.

My favorite painting on the museum today was this one. I loved the detail and how true it is to the moment. The young sister/friend being close to the bride and doesn’t want her to “go away” by getting married, the two very young girls in the corner awaiting to get older to get married too and they smiling to the whole thing, the little kid on the left corner who doesn’t give a damn about the wedding and is bored to death, and the father who tries to see the bride-in-the-making but he is rushed out of the room by the rest of the women in the room. So true! That’s how the situation is in the weddings I’ve being into in my village when I was young. Now, that’s art! That’s capture of a real moment. And the colors and expressions are terrific too. Compare this excellent (and huge) painting to Picasso’s autistic crap now. Ah.