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‘Invasion’ might get cut, Part II

Out of the blue ABC today put the sci-fi drama Invasion on the ice, at least until April. This really pisses me off because after the producers fixed the “slow pace of the storyline” problem that plagued the series until recently, ABC now doesn’t give the show a chance to stay on its own feet now that it’s picking up speed.

On the forums people are ready to use ABC’s feedback forms and call them to ask to not cut Invasion down, but for those who know me better, I always go to the source. And so I emailed the CEO and Vice President of ABC. I kept my email as civilized as possible, although it’s clear that I am disturbed on their decision to put the show on hiatus, again.

I fully agree with ABC that the first episodes were freaking boring, but the producers put their act together and the last 4 episodes are amazingly good and captivating. Hopefully Invasion will finish the season in one piece at least…