Archive for January 21st, 2006

Pixar sold to Disney…

…and Steve Jobs made another $3.5bn out of that deal and he now has a net worth of $6.8bn. Quite amazing!

For some reason, I dreamt of him last night (yes, really). In my dream, he created a big theme park with free food and free rides and entertainment on my home town. He took care of the grilling of meat and he started the fire for it all alone. I asked him: “hey, are sure you know how to do this?” and he replied “don’t worry about a thing”.

Quite weird dream indeed. I get quite a few of these weird dreams actually. My JBQ doesn’t even remember his dreams at all, but I can. 😉

Star Trek Idea – Part II

Wow! Check this out! Remember my blog post about an internet-based Star Trek series? It seems that I am either a good analyst (most of my predictions on tech matters usually do come true ;), or Rick Berman reads my blog. 😉