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UltraViolet movie: Bad Ass

Milla Jojovic seems to be doing a great job at the Ultraviolet movie, which trailer’s was released today. Hopefully the movie will do well in the box office, although I am almost certain that it won’t. The movie has received extremely little marketing support from Sony Pictures, the trailer is out just one month before the movie hits the cinemas, it was delayed 6 months from release, and it is going against two more movies with similar vampire-theme that are also going to be released this winter (Underworld:Evolution and another one that I can’t remember its title).

I feel sorry for director Kurt Wimmer, because his previous film that I like a lot, Equilibrium, had the exact same problems. Equilibrium became a cult classic with its DVD release, but it only did $1.5 million in the box office. It is indeed frightning how much marketing today’s customers need to eat on their faces before they decide and go see a movie at the theater. Serenity was another example, although Serenity had much more marketing support than Ultraviolet will have. Serenity was deemed a “failure” at $35 million in the world box office proving that it still didn’t have enough marketing behind it. If I was Kurt Wimmer, I would be afraid. Very afraid.