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* Remind me to never buy a Samsung phone. Two of my friends having different Samsung models are hitting limitations imposed either from their Carrier or from Samsung directly. Usually have to do with java flexibility, web browser memory allowance, setting mp3s as ringtones (requires DRM mp3s and only web-downloaded), no email clients on some models, and stuff. Sucks ass.

* Motorola has just announced a number of new linux phones with the old and the new UI (touchscreen and the new non-touchscreen one). None of them is compelling enough in my view. Nokia is kicking everyone’s ass right now — in terms of features– with their N series. Additionally, Motorola does not give away the native SDK to developers to develop apps and create a “platform” for Motorola’s Linux phones (they push devs to only use java). This is why these phones are high-end feature phones and NOT smartphones.

* I am getting 1-2 more bluetooth headsets for reviews on TuxTops. One of them is really interesting.

* I love orange juice. 🙂

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