Someone needs to get a clue and it ain’t me

I have a few mp3 players but my main mp3 player is the iPod Mini (1st Generation). Since I bought it less than a year ago, I used it exclusively with my Powerbook. I never had a problem with it.

I had a few more songs on my PC though that I wanted to transfer on to the iPod before we leave for holidays. And so I installed the iPod software on Windows, iTunes and all full monty, Windows recognized my iPod just fine, and then it asked me to FORMAT it. It said that Windows can not read this iPod, even if the iPod software update could “see” which firmware version was installed on the iPod (I already had the latest).

I have never used my iPod with anything than my Mac (Panther and Tiger). Why the hell the Windows iPod drivers don’t recognize it and mount it? Windows iTunes doesn’t wanna mount the iPod either (even if it *knows* is connected because it loads the iPod Software Update when I connect it to the PC). It keeps asking me to re-format my iPod! When I connect the iPod back to the Powerbook it works just fine!

Apparently Apple offers the iPods by default with the HFS+ filesystem and the user must format it when buying it to FAT32 in order to use it with Windows. Thing is, I use both a Windows and a Mac. If I reformat my iPod to FAT32 Mac OSX won’t recognize it anymore. Apple needs to get a clue and EITHER support the FAT32 filesystem on OSX, or port HFS+ to Windows as an fs addon (this is preferred because it will allow for files bigger than 4GB to work). Either way, having TWO filesystems supported on a single device creating support and user headaches is fucking ridiculous.

So much for “it just works”.

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