Sandisk’s Sansa m240 MP3 Player 1GB

Sandisk sent me their brand new mp3/wma player, the Sansa m240 1 GB, for a review. It’s the second generation of their Sansa player that I reviewed a few months ago on OSNews. They removed the SD slot, they added voice recording, amazing quality new earphones (much better than iPod’s) and apparently they have fixed ALL my nitpicks I had back then, except three:

1. Still no OGG support (not that I need it really, I only have 1 ogg song :P).

2. LCD still too dark when backlight is off (unreadable in my office).

3. No FM recording (16bit wav)

The only place where they screwed up the new design is that now you can’t operate easily the device with one hand. They placed the “menu” and “Vol-/+” buttons too far from the main navigation buttons. People with smaller hands won’t be able to reach easily for them without using their second hand to stabilize the player while pressing them. A proof that they didn’t test their player with women and they *assume* that people will use these buttons holding the player vertically, while the new design is horizontal!

Overall, it’s a really good and affordable player though. One of the best in the market IMHO. More in-depth review will be at in one-two weeks time, after the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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