Next iPod will support A2DP/AVRCP

The next major iPod revision will support Bluetooth 2.0+EDR with the A2DP (stereo sound) and AVRCP (remote control) profiles in it. I don’t know if Apple will also release Apple-branded Bluetooth stereo wireless headphones too, but the wireless aspect of it all IS the next thing to try and differentiate the product from the oh-so-close Creative solutions. It is a good finish on an overall well-thought producdt.

And there’s the other thing too: many people avoid listen to music just in case they don’t miss that phone call they await for. With a bluetooth stereo headset you can be connected to the iPod and it would automatically stop playing music when you have a call, switch to its headset/handsfree profile, take the call, talk through the integrated mic and then end the call, and have the music resume automatically. And this thing is on the best interest of Apple because it means that customers who would avoid use their iPod some times now they would not have a reason not to.

And don’t forget that most people don’t use the cheap earphones that usually come with mp3 players. They buy better quality ones. Apple is selling some third party headphones through their store but they have nothing of their own to sell. And because it’s very difficult to knock off companies like Bose or Sony who have many years of experience in making good headphones, they have to go with something that these companies don’t offer: BT wireless headphones. And so Apple could take full advantage of their iPod brand, by “innovating” (there aren’t many BT stereo headsets out there today, most people don’t even know they exist).

The current BT 1.2 headsets suffer from low quality because Bluetooth is using its own codec for transmission, called SBC, and that codec sucks. It doesn’t “fit” on the 1 Mbps transfer rate of Bluetooth 1.x. So if Apple would go for something like this, they would use Bluetooth 2.0+EDR both ways.

From my point of view of the arm chair CEO, such a move makes perfect business and brand sense.

All you need to learn about Bluetooth stereo headsets is here:

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