Hens and phones

I was checking the osnews mobile stats this morning and someone with a 3-year old Nokia 3510 phone visited the WAP version of osnews. This phone only has a 96×65 resolution and 4096 colors. I made fun of it to JBQ via IM as I consider the resolution and phone archaic even for WAP. And then I realized. That’s the same cellphone my mother has. That’ll teach me for being arrogant…

On other news the bird flu virus is resistant to Tamiflu it seems (“oh my God, oh my God, we are all going to die”). I remember a specific year when I was a child (about 8 years old) on my rocky mountain village that we witnessed an epidemy on hens. *Every* house on the village has at least 20-30 free range hens each and that year about 80% of the village hens died even if each herd didn’t have direct contact with another herd (houses are far apart from each other). Well, if that was bird flu that caused their death, no human died of it in my village. If there was one person that would die first from it, that would be me. My hobby as a child was to pet hens. I would take them in my arms, show them love, even kiss them! But they never gave me any virus AFAIK. This human-bird flu thingie seems to be kinda new then (“oh my God, oh my God, we are all going to die”).

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