Archive for December 20th, 2005

Study: Gorillas go through menopause

Jenny, Shamba, Timbo, Beta and Elaine are zoo gorillas, but they have something in common with millions of women: They have undergone menopause.”

Ah, Jesus. Even the gorillas have period? I wanna be a different animal in my next life. No more an ape!

The end of Firefly/Serenity

And so Josh Whedon said that there won’t be another Firefly/Serenity again. That was it. And that’s fine you know.

What I don’t understand though is how the hell the franchise is able to sell MILLIONS of DVD/VHS copies and yet is not able to be either a successful TV series or a movie. It doesn’t make any financial and logistics sense! Both Serenity the movie and Firefly are on the top10 of DVD sales, and especially the Firefly episodes are up there for almost 3 years now! I think it’s the best selling TV-series-to-DVD ever!

JBQ has a theory: “Serenity/Firefly has very ‘few’ followers, but the ones it has are very dedicated”.