The Truth about Free Software is Out

I am very satisfied seeing MANY articles and blogs the last few months pretty much telling it like it is about Linux and the general open source software quality.

For years the Linux phenomena would endulge in its own hype and there would be very few people dare to write the truth: that’s it doesn’t have an as good user experience as XP or OSX have, that is.

But something changed the past few months. People are starting to realize the real limitations of Linux as a desktop and they cut the hype short. For the first time in years, they write the TRUTH.

Now, don’t take this blog-post the wrong way. I do use Linux from time to time and I believe it has a place on some desktop computers. And the OSNews server which uses RHEL has been mighty stable all these years too.

It’s just that I like things to be fair. And so far, most people were not fair with their readers all these years when they were hyping Linux to the heavens in an attempt to switch these readers over. For the first time we get a more accurate picture of Linux’s abilities as a desktop. And that’ a GOOD thing. Yes, that’s good even for Linux, because possible switchers won’t get dissapointed when they try it. They would know what to expect. And that can work to Linux’s advantage as much as overhyping it.

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