The Elegant Universe

PBS has made available the full videos of “The Elegant Universe” documentary series based on math/physisist Brian Greene. Really interesting stuff and a very well-done documentary. Watch it!

It was a bit of a shock for me to see not one but THREE Greek physisists (two men, one woman) supporting and working on the M/String-theory and in fact being well-known for their work on the theory. Two of them are appearing in the documentary and they both had _terrible_ accents (that’s about the only thing I can do better than they do ;-). These are greeks who excelled in their Greek university and then they were sent to USA for further studies (for free). Usually, none of these Greek scientists ever goes back to Greece again (except for holidays that is). This is why Greece is unable to even construct an FM radio today. The remaining Greek scientists don’t have the technology, expertise, money or attention from the government to fund these kinds of things. Greece’s *good* scientists are not living in Greece anymore.

All that reminds me of the most “smart” person on Earth today (in terms of IQ measurament: 189), a Greek professor working in a French university. Can’t remember his name now, but it was shocking ot me seeing this otherwise intelligent guy writing with such huge subjectiveness about his beloved homeland. If he loves Greece so much (he is from the Thesallia province IIRC) why did he leave it for France? There surely must be something positive about France too. And yet, in his homepage we see nothing but Greek propaganda. Pathetic.

Look, I am Greek too. And I do *love* Greece. But I will never, ever, be a blind proponent of anything, even if this “anything” is my own country. I like objectiveness and truthfulness most and foremost. It drives my life. It makes me who I am and it’s what makes other people either love me or hate me. There is no in-between.

Oh, anyway. This became a rant about Greek scientints on exile. The original intention was simply to make known to everyone about the now free amazing videos about the String Theory. (sorry Brian 😉

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