The Pathetic Apple Apologists Association (PAAA)

Well, here’s the thing. Apple’s Apperture Pro application *sucks*. It’s a real fact. Professional photographers hate it, it just doesn’t do the things it’s supposed to do correctly, or at all, for the 500 bucks it costs.

Now, why do I have to hear the old song of “osnews is anti-apple” and that “eugenia is not professional” by stating the obvious?

Why do these Apple aplogists can’t –for once– understand that this particular application is just BAD? Why do they have to drug me or osnews down and say that there is “an agenda”? (What fucking agenda you morons? It’s a simple thing: Apperture SUCKS). Put that in your skull. Until curves are present and RAW pictures are handled correctly, Apperture is as much as a Pro raster application as much as this is a full cellphone.

And if that was not enough, we have to have Kelly McNeil from to reply anonymously (we have his IPs on file) and tell us that he is a “professional photographer and a recent Mac switcher”. How pathetic. Now the Apple fanatics have to lie so they can make a point!

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