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People who play Slots are idiots

People who play slots are down-right idiots. They should be striped from their right to vote on national elections. 😛

I mean, think about it. There are games where you can use your skills a bit (e.g. poker) rather than base your earnings only on pure luck. When playing slots you give NO input to the machine. You don’t “play”. You simply hit a damn button over and over again and let the machine decide for you. Slots is the WORST form of gambling. It is a game for people who can’t think on their own.

Idiotic to the max.

In Reno, NV

We are having a good time here in Reno, Nevada… just came back from the “Aeon Flux” movie too, a pretty good movie. Kinda like “Equilibrium” of a sort. Tomorrow we are going to watch the new “Harry Potter”.

*UPDATE:* I had a chinese acuppressure massage. Niiiice!