Regarding UFOs

I just finished watching a documentary about UFOs on the SciFi Channel titled “Out of the Blue“. I have seen a lot of UFO documentaries in my lifetime and most of them were from “ok” to “mediocre” or “laughable”. This one though, it’s the best I have seen so far. It interviews real scientists and military people rather than just the enthusiasts or book writers. Many (real) events and incidents I didn’t know before were discussed with interviews with the people involved. Very professionally-made documentary and very reputable people interviewed (presidents, military people, astronauts etc). The documentary is based on information from this article.

Some of you might already know about my personal “encounter” with a UFO in 1990 (well, nothing serious really, just a flying object with a few lights on it hoovering above a house, and made absolutely no noise — quite a few other people saw it that night too). Anyways, what I want to say here is that while in the beginning I would go side with the geek people about the “conspiracy” and how “unconstitutional” the US cover up of UFOs is, the last few years I have changed my stance about the whole thing.

I don’t think that 95% of the people in this planet are ready to accept earth-landed aliens yet. Mass hysteria and mass stupidity (e.g. new religions) would start occuring and it would make worse our (already fucked up) way of life. Such a revelation though would have an impact to the aliens stance towards humans too. There is always a chance that they would decide to land down here for good after such a revelation, and that would make things even worse.

In short: if there are aliens visiting Earth and USA is concealing their existance from us, they are very wisely doing so. At least at this point in time.

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