Condoms and sex in the Catholic Church

I am not a “regular” Christian (meaning that I believe in God only when I need Him 😉 but I agree and endorse many of the Catholic or Orthodox doctrines or ways of life. I am actually pretty old school myself. However, I can’t understand Catholic Church’s beef over condoms.

Just like communists failed making people not believe in God, religions should drop the crap about people not having sex when they feel like to. It’s in the nature of any living thing in this planet to have sex. And humans do it a lot for recreation (just like dogs actually ;). Preaching against nature’s needs makes religion one good recipe for failure in my book.

Except the fact that condoms will keep many people safe from various transmitted diseases, it’s a MUCH better contraception solution than pills IMO (not as effective, but healthier). Personally, I am against any chemical solutions that can threaten my health when they are used for extended periods of time, like contraception pills can.

But thing is, I am not fit to have a child yet. I have a long-standing stomach-related problem that prevents me from trying as it could endager myself and my baby during pregnacy (yes, I did go to the doctors, thanks for asking). So what is the Catholic Church going to do about it? If they can’t find a cure for my problem or send a guardian Angel to watch over me during pregnacy, then they should shut the hell up, because I don’t see me stop having sex with my husband whenever we feel like to.

I didn’t marry him just to have him fill out our tax forms you know. 😉

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