Archive for November 17th, 2005

Bejeweled record

Broke Thom’s Bejeweled-2 action record: 4,230,300. Will shot a pic tomorrow, too late right now (1:48 AM).

Update on Feb 2008: My record is 5,968,950 mil these days.

Diamonds and other crap

Many commercials these days on TV about Christmas, mainly about men buying diamonds or other precious stones to their happily surprised wives.

What’s the freaking point of diamonds or other “precious” stones? I mean, honestly. They are just pretty, shiny stones. Nothing more. If my JBQ was spending a small fortune for me by buying me one of these I would be very angry and sad, not happy. I can be as happy with a $20 fake jewelery from Macys. Some of these fakes are as good looking. No, I am not “cheap”. It’s just that I don’t see the point of it.

I was not brought up in a way to desire jewelery, nice dresses or money. Most of the time I am in my comfortable pyjamas, I wear no other jewelery except my wedding ring and I spend almost no money.

Yes, I am an economical woman. Just make sure you don’t drive me at a Frys Electronics Shop. 😉