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Real Player performance on Symbian

Remember that last week I wrote about the hugely dissapointing performance of Real Player on my Linux smartphone, right?

Well, we got to see our friend Mark tonight who has a very expensive Nokia Communicator 9500 (he needs that model for his job at Google), which is based on Symbian Series 80. His main media player is also a port of Real Player.

Well, his Real Player’s performance on that video I encoded last week was even worse that the one I get on my Linux smartphone. How does Nokia and Motorola accept such a bad port of Real which is not able to run correctly even a low-res 176×144 .3gp video?

Moral of the story: DO NOT BUY a phone that its media player is Real Player. IT SUCKS, it is really BADLY PORTED or its codecs quality is just BAD. Stay away from Real Player on phones!