The Outlook Express Curse/Gift

I have more than 108,000 emails on my Outlook Express, upgrading to OE since my first time with Internet, in late 1996. Outlook Express is the only email client that can handle my mail fast and truly reliably (there are *no bugs whatsoever* that I found in OE through the years). OE — as much some people hate it– is the most STABLE piece of software I have EVER used.

Despite that, I also got bitten by the geek bug to move to Thunderbird, only to find out that it fucked up the import process and about 5% of my email either did not got imported or they had errors in them and could not be opened. I filed a bug report immediately, a year ago, nothing happened since then. No one tried to fix the import process.

So, I am stuck with OE forever. And if OE stops working with Windows Vista (its development is dead, there are no upgrades for it), I might have to move to Outlook — hopefully this will work as reliably, but I know that it’s slower than OE.

The only reason that I am not moving full time on a Mac (except the dual monitor problem where the Mac doesn’t support my rotated 21″ LCD screen), is the email thing. I just don’t believe that there is any email client as reliable as OE is and that supports my Hotmail registered account as well. Thunderbird crashes frequently, has its quirks and doesn’t scale, Evolution is a bloated/UI nightmare (I hate it) and not very stable either. KMail might be a bit better than the rest of the bunch, but I don’t use KDE.

I can’t lose my 108,000+ emails neither I want to archive them away in a compress format because I do a search on them all the time. To switch to something else I need a PERFECT import process, all the features OE currently has and then some more to give me a reason to switch, a good interface, be as FAST as OE is to load my “Archive-Inbox” folder which alone has 60,000 emails, support my Hotmail registered account as IMAP/POP, and be as mightly stable as OE is. And because these things don’t happen easily, I will have to use OE/Outlook forever.

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