Bring in the army!

It is disgusting seeing these uneducated young people rioting in France burning other hard working people’s properties. Yes, their lives have been difficult, but it’s their fault for not finishing up high school which would make them elligible for a better job (school diplomas is the root of the problem here). There is NOT much the french government can do right now for these people, at least NOT in the *short term*. Besides, most of these rioters are just doing it for the fun factor. They behave like hooligans and they do it for the glory of it.

I mean, think about it. WHAT Chirac could do more? There is not a SINGLE authority behind these rioters that he could sit down and talk with them and figure out how to fix the problem! These are just individuals who feel like destroying other people’s properties!

IMO, Chirac should just call the army into action and put these young people into their place. When police can’t make it right, the army can. It might have a political cost of doing so, but I think it should be done.

Update: Thom replied to my post, and myself and JBQ replied back.

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