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Shame on you Apple

I honestly don’t think that anyone could mistake this with the iPod Mini. It just doesn’t look the same, neither it has the same clickwheel feature. It just looks like any other mp3 player that happens to have a similar color as the Mini does (not the same color either, just similar).

Regarding Judaism

Judaism was one big questionmark for me, as we didn’t explore their beliefs at school much (except the teachings in the Old Testament that we were taught when we were 9). So I went and read an online FAQ on Judaism that explains and mentions a lot of things that I didn’t know about Jews. I really liked some of the beliefs written there. Like forbidding castrating your pets, genetically altering your pets, women’s rights regarding sex and rape, most of the food preparations and foods allowed, allowed abortions on some circumstances etc.

I am aware that some people don’t like Jews, but I think this is because these other people feel a bit threatened of the Jews ability to keep close to one another and the Jew peoplehood.

I have not met many Jews in my life, but the ones I have, they were all great people and now that I read more about their religion and especially every-day beliefs (Judaism is more about a way of life rather than mysticism), I like most of what I saw there. Sure, it could have been better (e.g. explicity forbid polygamy, be less strict on the Sabbath requirements etc), but overall, it rings good to me.

I might be an Orthodox Christian (well, on paper at least as I am not particularly religious), but I always kept an open mind to Buddism. It seems that Judaism can hold an equal role too on the back of my mind too, now that I’ve studied it a bit more.

My political orientation

I just took the test and it said that:

You are a

Social Moderate

(56% permissive)

and an…

Economic Moderate

(50% permissive)

You are best described as a:


You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness. location: (24, 0)

Regarding UFOs

I just finished watching a documentary about UFOs on the SciFi Channel titled “Out of the Blue“. I have seen a lot of UFO documentaries in my lifetime and most of them were from “ok” to “mediocre” or “laughable”. This one though, it’s the best I have seen so far. It interviews real scientists and military people rather than just the enthusiasts or book writers. Many (real) events and incidents I didn’t know before were discussed with interviews with the people involved. Very professionally-made documentary and very reputable people interviewed (presidents, military people, astronauts etc). The documentary is based on information from this article.

Some of you might already know about my personal “encounter” with a UFO in 1990 (well, nothing serious really, just a flying object with a few lights on it hoovering above a house, and made absolutely no noise — quite a few other people saw it that night too). Anyways, what I want to say here is that while in the beginning I would go side with the geek people about the “conspiracy” and how “unconstitutional” the US cover up of UFOs is, the last few years I have changed my stance about the whole thing.

I don’t think that 95% of the people in this planet are ready to accept earth-landed aliens yet. Mass hysteria and mass stupidity (e.g. new religions) would start occuring and it would make worse our (already fucked up) way of life. Such a revelation though would have an impact to the aliens stance towards humans too. There is always a chance that they would decide to land down here for good after such a revelation, and that would make things even worse.

In short: if there are aliens visiting Earth and USA is concealing their existance from us, they are very wisely doing so. At least at this point in time.

Futuristic fashion

I absolutely LOVE this kind of futuristic fashion.

Oh, wait, I forgot about my diet…

Lots of stuff

Oops, I did it again!

It seems that every few months I would fuck up some of my Linux files when doing some work as root. It usually happens when I am in front of the TV with the Linux laptop on my lap. So, I wanted to delete the cache of my distribution’s package manager and instead of writing

/home/eugenia:# rm /var/cache/pacman/pkg/*

I wrote

/home/eugenia:# rm * /var/cache/pacman/pkg

and of course, this deleted my files on /home/eugenia/ instead of /var/cache/pacman/pkg/. Thankfully, I didn’t have any important files on my root of my home folder. I did a similar thing a few months ago on my Slackware installation (these days I only use Arch Linux though).

After this happened again last night I decided to do what I usually do: try to find the true problem of why this happens and why it hasn’t EVER happened to me on OSX or Windows. The problem is the terminal itself as opposed to a graphical file manager which is so visual that helps a lot to not do any mistakes (error count is higher when using a terminal than a graphical manager). As a user of Linux *I have* to resort to the terminal to do some administrative work as root. On Windows I already have enough permissions to do that while OSX prompts me with a Finder alert asking me for the administrator’s password. Nautilus and Konqueror don’t have this feature so when I try to copy, edit or delete a file outside of my home they simply say that they can’t do it, instead of just prompt me with a password window. This leads me to use the terminal all too often even for very simple things like the clean up of a cache. And when my mind is not 100% on my laptop (e.g. by watching TV at the same time), shit happens.

Why don’t I load Nautilus as root then you ask? Because it takes 3-4 seconds to do so and I don’t want to wait. It is an inconvenience thing that I don’t want to go through. Neither I want to mix on my desktop eugenia’s nautilus windows with root’s nautilus windows. I prefer to use the terminal than have to deal with Nautilus, the way it is now.


Thom replied to my earlier UFO post and I replied back on his blog.


We went to the Apple Store in Palo Alto yesterday to check out the new iPod Video. Really beautiful piece of gadget. The store was packed with people, truly lots of people. We noticed that the Apple Store now becomes more of an iPod store rather than a Mac store. The long software aisles have *dissapeared* and only a small part now carries *some* software titles. Also, all Macs now were connected to an iPod, while this was not the case before.


“A 15-year-old girl with a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend, who had just eaten a peanut butter snack, hospital officials said Monday.”

This is so weird here in the Americas. I have never met a single person in Greece that ever had such an allergy. We eat peanuts all the time there…


I watched a movie last night with Nicholas Cage winning $2 million on the lottery. In the movie, his wife started buying all this useless stuff like expensive fox coats etc. I started thinking, what would I buy if we were to win $2 million dollars? Well, apart from a few small and seemingly cheap things for the house, I don’t think I would personally buy anything else. I would probably invest the money. No, not because I am a big business mind (I am not), but because I don’t need anything extra at this point. We already have everything we want or need in our everyday lives. It’s kind of amazing actually… When I was a kid I got through some very harsh periods, we wouldn’t have money sometimes not even for bread. This has made me resistant to most material goods overtime. Of course, I have also developed a passion for gadgets the last few years but I am steadily working on limiting this useless spending and I am doing very good lately about it. I haven’t bought any serious piece of gadget for a long time (I am usually sent some for reviews though).

It truly is a weird feeling of not wishing you had something, the feeling of having everything you need. Of course, the only thing I do wish I had is a baby, but that’s not something you can buy, so it doesn’t count. 😉

Lots of movies

Watched lots of movies this weekend with my JBQ. “Doom” (sucked but ‘The Rock’ was hot), “National Treasure” (good, and Sean Bean was hot), “The Flight of the Phoenix” (great, and Giovanni Ribisi was disturbingly hot) and “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (which I didn’t get at all and no one was hot).

Condoms and sex in the Catholic Church

I am not a “regular” Christian (meaning that I believe in God only when I need Him 😉 but I agree and endorse many of the Catholic or Orthodox doctrines or ways of life. I am actually pretty old school myself. However, I can’t understand Catholic Church’s beef over condoms.

Just like communists failed making people not believe in God, religions should drop the crap about people not having sex when they feel like to. It’s in the nature of any living thing in this planet to have sex. And humans do it a lot for recreation (just like dogs actually ;). Preaching against nature’s needs makes religion one good recipe for failure in my book.

Except the fact that condoms will keep many people safe from various transmitted diseases, it’s a MUCH better contraception solution than pills IMO (not as effective, but healthier). Personally, I am against any chemical solutions that can threaten my health when they are used for extended periods of time, like contraception pills can.

But thing is, I am not fit to have a child yet. I have a long-standing stomach-related problem that prevents me from trying as it could endager myself and my baby during pregnacy (yes, I did go to the doctors, thanks for asking). So what is the Catholic Church going to do about it? If they can’t find a cure for my problem or send a guardian Angel to watch over me during pregnacy, then they should shut the hell up, because I don’t see me stop having sex with my husband whenever we feel like to.

I didn’t marry him just to have him fill out our tax forms you know. 😉

Proof that there are no people who can read minds

My JBQ says that if there is one proof that there are no people who can read minds, is poker. If it was that easy to “see” cards in other people’s minds, that person would be a poker champion over and over again. But for those who follow the world poker series, already know that very rarely the same player does as well for more than two-three times.

Watched some movies

Watched “The Island”, “War of the Worlds” and the “Fantastic Four” the last few days. Loved them all three. I am looking forward to watch “Unleashed”, “FlightPlan” and “Doom” this week. I am still waiting for my “The Longest Yard” DVD though.

UPDATE: Thom didn’t particularly liked “War of the Worlds”. I replied to his post.

Also, just came back from watching “Batman Begins”. Pretty good. Lots of good actors in it.