Rushed to hospital

It seems that 1-2 times a year I must be rushed to the hospital. That bad my health has become…

Adding (or resulted by?) to my neck/spine injury last week, my ribcage was in immense pain last night at 2:30 AM. The whole ribcage, around my body, gave me a feeling that was being squashed. It started about an hour after I published the poll at osnews, as I was sitting in my computer writing this month’s article for my Greek PC Magazine’s column, the pain became bigger and bigger over time.

At some point the pain was so intense, that we decided to go to the hospital. We arrived at ER at around 3:30 AM, and the doctor did not find anything wrong with my blood pressure, lungs or my heart. He concluded that this was a random muscle pain and that the pain would subside overtime, as it did temporarily. After going out of the hospital, at 5 AM (the coldest part of the night), I shivered and the pain came back. This fact helps the theory that it was a muscle pain, as when you shiver, the body puts a big pressure to its muscles.

However, what I found interesting is the fact that after I came home, the pain hasn’t stop and it would only stop many hours later, AFTER I sleep in the SAME position I had to sleep last week when I had my neck injury (on my back, with my left arm raised behind me). Considence? Weird stuff, that’s for sure. 🙁

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