Diet Recipe: The 200-calorie burger

This is my favorite food when I am on a diet.

Ingredients (for 1)
* 2 low-calorie bread slices (2×40=80 cals)
* 70 grams of fat free turkey minced meat (75 cals)
– (alternatively, use 75 grams of 97% fat-free ground veal)
* 1 slice of fat free Kraft yellow cheese (25 cals)
* 1 slice of tomato (5 cals)
* 2 slices of pickle relish (5 cals)
* 1 leaf of lettuce or green salad veggies (5 cals)
* a bit of mustard and sugar-free ketchup (5 cals)

Take the turkey minced meat and work it with your fingers to shape it like a burger (salt and pepper is optional, 0 cals). On a non-stick frying pan start to cook it, on medium heat and without any oil in the pan. Toast the bread, and then spread a thin layer of mustard and ketchup on one of the bread slices. When the burger is ready (turn it around a few times), add the cheese slice on top of it until it’s starting to melt. Place the cheesy burger on the spread bread slice and then add on top of it the pickle relish, the tomato, the lettuce leaf and the second bread slice. Serve immediately.

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