Regarding Firefly/Serenity

‘Firefly’ only had 13 episodes aired in its short TV life, but it has created a huge following of fans. I watched the series’ 3-4 first episodes when it first aired in 2002, but I didn’t like it for the reason I explain below. In fact, I found the show stupid. I watched the rest of the Firefly episodes yesterday, and I did like it a tiny bit better. However, my main beef with the series remains:

It is just not believable the story that the outer rim of planets are all US-western type civilizations. Cowboys, sheriffs and the like, just like in the old wild wild west. Even their clothing is the same, which it makes even less sense (clothing habits are changing a lot in a matter of a few years, let alone in 2517 AD that the heroes are supposedly live in). And EVEN if a single planet has chosen to live that way, this can not be true for all the planets. Where are the chinese or the europeans? Where are the africans or the muslims?

Firefly offers a very single dimension ‘outer rim’ look to this otherwise nice sci-fi series. It’s all about the americans, and even worse, it’s all about americans that somehow live like they used to live in the late 1800’s. It just doesn’t friggin’ makes sense, because it is not possible ALL the outer rim planets to have the EXACT same amount of technology or fashion or way of life!

Firefly feels very binary to me: Alliance planets with all the cool technology, outer rim planets with late 1800’s *american* tech. It can’t be black or white, it never is. Firefly/Serenity fails for me in this very issue.

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