Diet Recipe: 200 calorie Chow Mein

Chinese food is known to be high in fat and in calories. But there is no reason to cut completely these foods when in diet. If someone knows how to cook and with what ingredients, he/she can create delicious foods with very low calorie count. Like the Chow Mein I cooked and had for lunch today. Here is the recipe, at around 200 calories (a good meal for a short woman like myself, adjust the recipe to eat 250-300 calories of it if you are a large woman and happen to be working/exercising, and 350 if you are a working man):

Ingredients (for 1)
* Orchids’ “Chuka Soba” (oriental style noodles): use 1/8 of the whole package, that would be ~55 calories.
* Blue Dragon’s “Stir Fry Chow Mein sauce”: use 1/4 of the package, that’s about 16 calories.
[both specific items above can be purchased at the “World Food” shop at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in the Bay Area, buy similar products in your area, check their labels for their amount of calories]
* 100 grams of different vegetables: mushrooms, thin-cut zuchini, a bit of asparagus, few french-style beans, peas, carrots etc. That’s about 65 calories overall (depending on the composition used).
* 3 small cooked frozen shrimp (15 calories)
* A bit of chunked turkey breast (50 calories, weight it to be sure how much to use). If you don’t have/like turkey breast, use 14 more small shrimp instead.

Place a cup of water in a pot and bring it to boil. Place in it all the ingredients except the sauce. Boil for about 3-4 minutes, or until the noodles are soft. Strain the contents from the water and place them back to the pot. Add the sauce and stir well. Serve hot, without bread, but enjoy it with lots of water or other 0 calorie drink. While the dish is not fried/stir-fried, it is still very delicious and a real treat to anyone currently on a strict diet.

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