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As I have foreseen many times through my blog, it’s now Google’s turn to be the villain and evil empire ( l ). It was IBM in the 80s, Microsoft in the 90s and Google in the 00s. People need their villain (just like they need their village idiot), they can’t see past their own nose and their prejudices…

On other news, we are preparing for my brother’s wedding. Thursday night we will be having a dinner party at home for 120 of our relatives and friends. We are preparing spinach-pie, pasta-pie, cheesepie, salads, tzatziki, goat with rice and roasted sheep with home-made fries. And on Saturday, right after the wedding we will be having the combined dinner party with 600 guests and live music. Yes, this is how a real Greek wedding is done. 😉

Oh, btw, I saw that stupid journalist woman on TV the other day, Liana Kanelli. She is also a politician with the communist party. Well, I can’t stand her. I remember seeing her in the UK TV in 1999 being a guest to talk about the Serb war and she was shouting like a freaking idiot and made me be ASHAMED for being Greek. She was not letting anyone to finish a sentence… And the other day on the Greek TV she was doing the same thing, but even worse, she was fucking SMOKING on the live TV on the morning program. Now, visualize that Larry King or Jay Leno or Oprah would not only start shouting to their guests, but they would smoke live on TV like they were in their own home or in a fucking night club.

God, that woman, Liana Kanelli, really makes me ashamed for being Greek, I mean it. I thought I didn’t like the like-hen-intelligent Paris Hilton, but Kanelli is much worse, as she is very aware of the crap she is doing.