In Greece

I have a good time here in Greece, preparing for my brother’s wedding. I spent 2 days in Athens waiting the US Consulate to issue a new visa on my new passport and then we headed for Ipeiros, my home. Last night we even went to the village I grew up, high up in the mountains of Souli, it was nice to see most of the people there. We went there for another wedding and after that we were invited to their dinner party too.

It was not a surprise to see there (my first time) Katerina Thanou, the controversial Olympic winner 100m sprinter, as she is first cousin with the groom. She was line-dancing with the rest of the people. I took a few pictures of her but my Motorola camera-phone doesn’t want to pair with my brother’s computer for some reason and so I can’t upload the pic online.

I was looking at her legs while she was dancing. No, I am not a lesbian (on the contrary, I love men ;), it’s just that I wanted to see if she was muscular in the legs while she was dancing fast and her legs were on stress. And guess what boys, she is not muscular! A pretty weird site for an 100m champion.

Other than that, I came back from the wedding party sick for some reason. I threw up and all and I nearly faded, but hopefully I will be ok later today, ’cause I need to go to a baptism too…

Update: I was not feeling well enough and so I missed the baptism… Too bad, as I have not seen that cousin of mine for 10 years now or so (hopefully I will be able to see them in my brother’s wedding next week). On the gossiping side, I learned that Thanou’s husband left her a few months after the doping scandal. Didn’t know that before, but it seems the rest around here do. 😉

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