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The DXG-305v multi-purpose media device

And so I bought a new camera for my little brother, as a present (I actually got lots of presents for him :). It arrived today and I tested it for a while to make sure it works before I take it with me in Greece to give it to him (and kiss the warranty goodbye ;).

The camera is the extremely small DXG-305v 2048×1536 digicam that can also do video (QVGA at 30fps or VGA at 15 fps, records in mp4 .asf format, NTSC/PAL out). It also is a web cam, a voice recorder, an SD reader and… an mp3 player.

Here are some samples: picture 1, picture 2, a QVGA video (1.2 MB) and a
VGA video on low-light (500 KB).

The pictures are pretty good and they can utilize the flash when in low-light conditions, but the video can’t and so in the VGA video above you might think that it was night when I was recording this, while it was 3 PM in the afternoon. The other two problems is that the flash is in a bad position and so your fingers are all over it and it doesn’t have a tripod slot.

Other than that, it’s a great little multi-purpose device and it works well. And there was one very surprising tidbit: ALL online material, docs and box say that this model comes with 16 MBs of internal storage, but it seems that the company has upgraded the camera without updating their docs/boxes. The newly manufactured units come with 32 MBs of internal memory! 🙂

Oh, and funny thing, this is the SAME model Creative markets as “divicam 316” to the Asian and European markets.