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Google Instant Messenger is Real

Rumors are around about Google’s IM solution, that is based on Jabber. I can only say that I can confirm the rumor. You hear lots of things here in the Silicon Valley just by walking to the grocery store. (wink, wink 😉

Anti-MS Group Aims to Block Vista

A public interest lawyer who is also intending to run as a Republican in the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial race is taking his fight to Microsoft in hopes of preventing the company from releasing what he calls “bad code.”

Andy Martin of ‘The Committee to Fight Microsoft’ on Tuesday announced his intentions to block Microsoft from releasing its Windows Vista operating system. Martin intends to ask Microsoft for an unconditional warranty that the operating system is free of bugs that could result in security vulnerabilities.”

What idiotic people. So, this guy has actually seen this “bad code”? Does he have access to the source? And did he actually check how many security bugs GNU/Linux also has through not just the kernel and but the apps that are installed by default on major distros? They are not fewer than the Windows holes discovered 4-5 times a month.

I’ve said it many times: writing bug-free software is very-very expensive. It’s so expensive that except nuclear programs and NASA, no one else can afford it. Windows (and Linux distros) have a huge amount of code in them. Going through ALL that code, will be so expensive that would drive out of the business Microsoft and all Linux distros combined. That, OR, these OSes must be sold for $50,000 for each copy to pay for the time spent cleaning up the code from bugs. Plus, it would make the release of the software years late.

If Mr Andy Martin can afford to pay that amount of money for a desktop OS that most of us use to just browse the internet, good for him. Cause I can’t pay $50,000 for it.