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Orangina, my favorite drink

I don’t drink alcohol and so my favorite soft drink is Orangina.

I was introduced to Orangina in 2000, during my visit in France. Now, the funny thing is, when I put Orangina in my mouth for the ‘first’ time, it immediately reminded me of a soft drink sold in Greece, called ‘Fanta’. Now, Fanta still sells in many countries, including Greece, however the recipe has changed over the years (to the worse). Orangina had the EXACT same taste as Fanta had in Greece in the *1970s*. My mother and I loved that Fanta so much when I was a kid that after all these years, and after not having tasted this particular taste for over 20 years, trying Orangina immediately brought back memories of my childhood. The taste and look of Orangina is so similar to the 1970s Greek Fanta that I am even thinking that they probably OEM’ed their recipe to Fanta back then and then their contract expired or something.

It gets better.

In 2001 my mother visited France, for my wedding. While we were having lunch at my in-laws’ house, I poured some Orangina to my mother’s glass. Unsuspiciously, she drank and she looked like some electricity got through her. “Fanta!” she yelled. I now knew that the whole thing was not just my imagination.

My JBQ bought some Orangina for me last night, so I remembered the story and I thought I write it down, for the record. 😉