Half-assed products

I am eyeing a new phone and according to its manual under the “WAP Profiles” setting there are the connection settings. Please note that the phone has both Bluetooth and IrDA on it and the browser can do some cHTML too, not just WML/WAP. And yet, it only supports connections via either GSM (dial-up) or GPRS. I don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t add internet support via IrDA/Bluetooth too. I could certainly make my Linux laptop share its internet connection via either way by using iptables and pppd. And I also have a WAP Gateway emulator if I want to use the browser in its WML mode (to access WAP content you must be behind a WAP Geteway).

Some people will ask “why the heck do you want to use a 128×160 screen when you already have a 1400×1050 laptop screen in front of you already?”

The answer is: mobile web developement and testing.

The available emulator for that browser is very old and the manufacturer hasn’t updated its devkit for years, while new versions of the browser are getting released in new phones every 2-3 months. There is no way to do the job right through the available emulator.

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