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Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets Top One Thousand

And so the dashboard widgets top 1000 now, according to a PR. What really intrigues me is the fact that dashboard got 1000 widgets in THREE MONTHS time.

In contrast, Konfabulator had ~380 widgets for OSX, in 2 years time. And yes, Konfabulator was considered a “successful” app in the OSX ecosystem.

What I am trying to say here is that DEFAULTS MATTER. I have said that a gazillion times, and I will keep saying until I die. The default apps, the default preferences, even the default wallpaper, they all matter. Creators of DEs and OSes must understand that it’s very important to have SANE defaults rather than offloading the work to third parties because most non-techie people DO NOT change the defaults (“oh, who cares, no one is using the default gnome theme anyway” someone said a few months ago, and he is so wrong).