New passport

Got a new passport today. My old passport was expiring in March 2006, but because the I94 paper you get when you enter US is tied to the date of your passport (whichever expires first) I had to get a new passport so the I94 will be valid until the next time I exit US. If the Greek consulate had not given me a new passport (to *update* a current passport they require it to be expiring within 3 months), I would have needed to exit the US borders in March (preferably towards Canada) and then re-enter US… 10 minutes later (and hence receive a new I94 binded to the new passport that I would have by then). It’s a pain in the ass (and costly), but that’s the law. Thankfully, the Greek consulate issued a new passport for me so when I re-enter US after my vacations in Greece that I am planning to take in August, the I94 will be valid until the next time I exit US, whenever this might be (in the next 5 years or within 90 days of a possible expiration of my non-tourist visa).

Easy to understand, huh? 🙂

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