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New York Times reporter jailed

Fitzgerald also opposed Cooper’s and Miller’s request for home detention — rather than a jail sentence — for refusing to reveal their sources.

BOOOOOOOOO! Journalists SHOULD have the RIGHT to NOT reveal their sources, under ANY circumstances if they were asked to by the source, without being afraid of getting jailed. THAT’s one of the features of what makes a good journalist.

I am 100% against that judge verdict today. There would not be a Watergate if the source didn’t know that he could trust the journalist and the journalist didn’t know if he will go to jail for that or not. The confidentiality thing is here for cases like these and judges should not send journalists to jail for doing their job right and be trustworthy!

An interview and a record

Online friend Ian asked me for an interview today to publish on his personal blog.

On other news, I raised my Bejweled-2 score above 1,960,000 last night (playing in ‘action’ mode).