The WiFi adventures continue

What a freaking worthless products are out there… The people who release such crap should go to jail.

I decided to instrall our other wifi router last night, a NetGear WGT624v2 (I managed to sleep at 4 AM because of its crap). Well, the fucking thing wouldn’t get an IP address from our cable modem. I tried everything, I resetted the modem, I even updated Netgear’s BIOS, no good, it’s just not compatible with our RCA DCM215 cable modem that Comcast gave us.

Someone said online that Comcast keeps the MAC addresses on file so if you change the MAC address to the device connected to the cable modem it wouldn’t work. So, I even spoofed momentarily the Netgear box to pose as our previous LinkSys router, to no effect. The thing won’t connect to the RCA modem.

And then, I placed the Netgear router BEHIND the Linksys router (so it would need to get DHCP info from the Linksys instead of the cable modem). And guess what: it worked flawlessly! Which means only one thing: that the Netgear WGT624v2 is not compatble with the RCA DCM215 cable modem from Comcast. Its DHCP client fails to get the data from the RCA modem.

So, we are back to the LinkSys box and we are thinking of using the Netgear behind the linksys box, but in our living room. This means that we will have two WiFi wireless systems in our house, both interconnectable. It would increase our wireless signal spread in our area.

On the good side of things, the new OSNews commenting system just achieved RC1 status. More on this soon, after a beta server is up for the public to check out.

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