3600 pixels…

I made a mockup using a screenshot from Pocket Internet Exlorer and Windows Mobile 2003. I tried to eliminate any extra pixels vertically that are going unused, *without* making the toolbars look squashed and difficult to tap.

Apparently, there are 15 more pixels to save vertically on Pocket IE that could help the overall online experience with a PDA. Sure, 15 pixels don’t sound a lot to you, but don’t forget that this is 15×240 pixels, which equal 3600 pixels. And that’s a lot.

As for PalmOS devices, the situation is much worse, many pixels could be saved not just by reworking the toolbars, but also by using sane font sizes with ClearType, something that pre-PalmOS 6 lack (but even PalmOS 6 uses huge fonts and large toolbars).

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