Ah, malakes…

So, Greece is pretty much out of the World Championship of Soccer, couldn’t qualify at all. They must win all next matches AND expect a positive result from another match in order to have hopes to get there. It ain’t gonna happen, of course.

I said it last year when Greece made the biggest soccer surprise ever and won the European Championship: they did NOT deserve it. Greece has no good soccer, it never had (and for some reason, it always had fanatic fans though).

They got lucky last year when the other teams were simply too tired to perform and Greeks were cool as they had fewer matches in their feet during their year. And with some good defense, they managed what they managed and got the trophy. But there are no lies anymore. Greece could not even get through the qualifications this time, reminding us again what these players can REALLY do. Which is, not much.

Greeks should learn to be a bit more confined to their celebrations because these can fire back. Last year they made these soccer players heroes and stayed up all night and celebrated. Why celebrate if you _know_ that your team has no depth and you got the trophy out of luck? I wouldn’t celebrate. I would be happy (and I was, seeing my country getting the title), but that’s it. I wouldn’t go over huge lengths about it as Greeks did. Because now, the team showed its real face and many people will be really dissapointed.

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