Watched Star Wars

So, I watched Star Wars tonight and I must say that I have mixed feelings for it. The movie is “ok” and fully watchable (and even enjoyable), but I am not really sure it’s better than ‘Attack Of The Clones’ (however I like it better than ‘Return of the Jedi’ which I never particularly liked — too isolated of an incident for my taste).

The transformation of Anakin to the Dark Side is just not that believable… Only a fool would have fallen for the crap Anakin fell for. And if Star Wars is just the family story of a fool, then we better not watch in the first place.

As for Padme’s death, this was unconvincing too. I know a species of fish that die in that way, but I never seen or heard of a human. 😛

Some scenes are cheesy and unessasery and others they could have been done better if Hayden Christiansen had a bit of *imagination*. The guy seems to lack the imagination required to construct situations in his head so he can act on them more naturally. He is *better* than in AOTC, but still worse than any other actor in the movie.

My favorite character in the movie this time around is senator Bail Organa. He was cool.

Of course, I will be watching the movie in the big screen, in about 2-3 weeks from now, after all the early-viewers have cleared up, so I can get a good seat in the middle of the theater. 😉

Overall: 7/10

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